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China Rubber Conveyor Belt - shuangcheng - 12-26-2018

Heat Resistant, High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt
The heat resistant conveyor belting is a great solution to convey high temperature materials in the industries including metallurgy, building, and so forth. The heat resistant belt can be applied to transport cement clinker, coke, hot powder, sintering ore, etc.
Features and Advantages
1High quality heat resistant rubber can avoid crack and hardening.The heat resistant conveyor belt can long-time convey 220℃ materials with maximum instant temperature of below 800℃. Its flexibility remains the same, and rubber surface will be neither cracked nor hardened. The durability reduces replacement cost.
2Highly Tear and Abrasion ResistantDuring the long-time transportation of high temperature materials, the high temperature conveyor belt is also perfectly resistant to tear and abrasion. This outstanding performance helps cut down the maintenance fees and downtime. Operation cost is thereby decreased.
3High Strength StructureOur heat resistant conveyor belt applies special framework, which allows it can withstand the instant high temperature up to 500℃.
4Heat-resisting Raw MaterialsCarcass materials of this industrial conveyor belt could be steel wire rope or synthetic fiber materials. Under the condition of high temperature, synthetic fiber materials comes with tensile strength of 2000N/mm. It has good dimensional stability.
Cover Rubber Performance (Physical property indexes)
 Test Temperature≤100℃≤125℃≤150℃≤175℃
HardnessDifference before and after aging+20+20+20+20
Maximum value after aging85858585
Tensile strengthChange rate of property %-25-30-40-40
Maximum value after aging121055
Breaking elongationChange rate of property %-50-50-55-55
Maximum value after aging200200180180
Application Example: Steel Industry
Canvass typeEP200, EP250
Canvas layer number5ply, 6ply, 7ply
Conveyor Belt Width500mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Cover Rubber Thickness (Under common temperature)4.5+1.5, 4+2, 5+1.5
Cover Rubber Thickness (Temperature 100℃~150℃)6+1.5, 6+2, 7+1.5
Cover Rubber Thickness (Temperature >150℃)6+2, 7+2, 8+2, 10+2
Cover Rubber GradeAbrasion resistant, Heat resistant
Materials to be transportediron ore, coking coal and other materialsChina Rubber Conveyor Belt